Free Boiler Grant

free boiler grant

free-boilerA new Government backed scheme, The Energy Company Obligation (ECO), is providing free replacement boilers to low income households in Hull and East Yorkshire. The scheme has been set up to reduce carbon emissions and help combat fuel poverty.

Benefits of replacing your boiler

Boilers account for around 60% of average energy bills and so having an energy efficient model leads to significant savings. Depending on it’s age, replacing your old boiler with an A rated energy efficient one, could save you up to £300 per year.

By replacing your boiler under the ECO scheme you will benefit from:

  • Free replacement boiler and fitting worth around £2300
  • Reduction in energy bills of up to £300 per year
  • Peace of mind from a 2 year warranty
  • A warmer home at a reduced cost

Who is eligible?

The scheme is available to both homeowners and private tenants on a low income who currently have an old and inefficient gas boiler.

You may qualify if:

  • You get pension credit or
  • You get child tax credit and have a household income less than £15910 or
  • You receive income based benefits such as income support and you are over 60 or have children or a disabled person in the household.

To see if you are eligible, simply fill in our easy to complete form by clicking here. Alternatively ring our 24 hour helpline on 01482 976264.

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